1. Wizard of Oz

From the recording Mandala EP


You see me walking with a swag that's lethargic, I've been just
Running amok since Donald Trump got in office, I call the
Angels above if someone looks at me smartish, you saw the
Munchkins around me and thought I was Adonis
Back to Kansas, you won't believe what happened, I saw the
Rivers on fire and the trees were all dancing, I bought a
Couple of seeds from a man who said they're magic, and now I'm
About to plant 'em on the track like I'm Jack
It's the return of the spectacular magician
And I am packing ammunition cuz I'm back in the kitchen
Cooking up tracks like a wizard, inside a pot I do mix em
With all the fix-ins that you love, with the potions I've hidden
There's no limit when I spit it
Outside is cold, so won't you stay for a minute
I must check the stove, I think I hear something sizzling
Make yourself at home, my house is yours when you're in it

This is where I thought that I'd have a feature
But no one wants to rap with me
I don't wanna rap with me either
Releasing tension with a pen
It's some kind of expression
If I don't watch myself
I'll use my tongue as a weapon
And start unleashing aggression
Cuz I'm a furious gent
You would think that with my tongue
It was from hell I was sent
But my heart is just bent
Yeah it is out of proportion
Jesus help me put it back
Cuz my thoughts are distorted
Now I think like a sorceress
Wanna change all my fortune
Instead of coming to you
The only one who's important
I'm poor now and feel like I just wanna forfeit
My whole life, give it to somebody else, Lord

They see me walking, call me wizard of Oz
I say that we all are made in the image of God
And sometimes I think this life is just all a mirage
I tried to throw it away but somehow it respawned
They think I play with a ouijia cuz I make it look easy
Because I'm flowing so freely just like the water from Fiji
Must be a magical genie or evil spirits convening
But I only draw inspiration from that Saint from Assisi
Psycho in a padded room, on the microphone I might spasm
I guess that's why they say I belong in a cell like cytoplasm
You'll witness my final hours, when you see me rise to power
My bride's not quite ready for me, she's stuck at the bridal shower