1. Redemption

From the recording American Pope


Verse 1:
Guess I’m on my own
Ain’t nobody care
While I’m living here at home
And I’m tempted to despair
But I’m never gonna go
To that place of terror
Cuz I never am alone
Mother Mary’s always hovering
I feel it in my soul
Feel it in my bones
I ain’t scared of the unknown
Yeah you must’ve not known where
That I came from before
I was just a slave
But my shackles were broke

Now I’m sitting here just wondering
Since I got another wind
What am I supposed to do
That’s what I’m discovering
When I’m on a track
All these words that I am uttering
Do they mean anything
Or am I just really spluttering
Is all of this gibberish?
What I write is frivolous
I might read a bit
But on the mic I am illiterate
Hope they never listening
Cuz there’s nothing intricate
I just spit out what is on my mind
And what goes into it
It’s simple as

Hook 1:
Man on a mission
To get y’all to listen
For people I’m fishing
I follow my visions
I don’t know
Maybe they’ll think I’m demented
But I do not let em
Affect my direction
My soul is a giant
My mind is a servant
Entirely devoted
To Mary the Virgin
They call me
Lot of crazy things I know
That’s fine cuz I know I’m a psycho

Verse 2:
Callin’ me the Pope
They think it’s a joke
But at any moment
They could see the white smoke
Yeah this is not a hoax
Did the Holy Ghost
Tell me something important
I swear this ain’t a boast
Then again I know
Don’t ever suppose
You know the Father’s Will
Or anticipate His work
Surrender to Him first
No matter if it hurts
God I give myself to You
Just let me do Your work

Hook 2:
When you think you won’t heal
And you’ve got pain you’re concealing
All that pressure is building
There’s no more you can deal with
Just lay it on me
I’ll hurt so you’ll be free
But they‘ll never see me
I‘ll be lurking in the background
In the background
Just lurking in the background
So give me what you have now
Those problems from your past now
That bottle that you smashed down
Your pain will not be passed down
We’re turning that around
And we gon make you all anew

Make you anew
Like you never knew
Do do do do do do do do
The past is behind us
The truth has revived us
This ‘bout your redemption

Redeeming you
I’m meaning to
The kind of thing that Jesus do
With all those that he’s speaking through
We take our pain and bring it to him
Kingdom coming nearer soon
And Mary is the queen it’s true
I’m in too deep I can’t refuse
The keys just who will Peter choose