1. Body (Intro)

From the recording Chronicles of a Blind Man EP


I look down at my skin and I ask myself what is this
All these hairs are sticking out me, should I love what I’ve been given?
‘Cause I used to want to cut myself, sometimes those thoughts re-enter
I cannot see just what you see, can you help me to remember
how I used to see a body, when I was new to this planet?
But I’ve been here for so long, everything has lost its magic
And I try to put on glasses but I still see things the same
My body I can’t shed it, I must live inside this cage
But they say I shouldn’t hate it, I should love the cards I’m dealt
But my body’s like a prison if it’s made up just of cells
I’m so tired of this skin I wear, I wish that I could break it
They tell me that I am beautiful but laugh when I am naked
You mock me in all your comedy like I am just a joke
And we wonder why so many want to hang themselves with rope
If my father says it’s good though, I must try hard to believe it
God I don’t need to know why, just please show me how to see it
I wake up and I’m outside, there’s a mass of people by me
They’re all crowded ‘round a cross, on it is a naked body
They are mocking him and saying, “Look at you, you’re just a man,
We can see just who you are, we’ve exposed you to the land”

Land of the blind
Land of the, land, land of the blind
Bl-bl-bl-bl-bl-blind, blind
Th-th-th-the land of the blin-blind