Mandala Reflections

Playing Pretend

In this article, I chronicle some of the characters and people I have “dressed up as” in order to help understand myself and hopefully save myself from impending tragedy lest their story starts to become mine.  

“We are what…

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Mandala Saved My Life

One day a couple years ago, I woke up and wished I was a different person. I wished I was more authentic. I wished I was reckless enough to follow my dreams. I wished I was more willing to be…

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The Symbolism of Masks and Clothing

When I first saw Joker in theaters, a particular line struck me. Thomas Wayne, in an attempt to insult the Joker after murdering two men, proclaimed: “What kind of coward would do something that cold blooded? Someone who hides behind…

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Philosophy Major Background

Similar to Coffee and Good Mornings, Philosophy Major is a satirical critique of an archetypal figure. The target here is a professor of philosophy at a university. We know a few things about him, such that he reads a lot…

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Memories I Never Shared Background

Memories I Never Shared is about me resisting the Creator of the Universe’s advances to love me. It is also about my struggle to understand how God could be present in every moment, having experienced moments of despair where I…

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Irony Culture and Insecurity

One advertisement that has gotten my attention as of late has been for Restore, a hair restoration company. I am intrigued by Brian Urlacher’s willingness to be a poster boy for such a company. In the past, hasn’t it been…

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The Fake Smile

Behold, one of the most disturbing gestures a human can make: the forced smile. Is it painful for you to look at, as it is for me? Allow me to try to explain the horror and sadness that is this…

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Coffee and Good Mornings Song Description

Have you ever been annoyed by someone else’s happiness? 

This song is about my school days. I would always hate having to get up super early and go to school. Often depressed and suicidal, I wanted nothing less than to…

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A Brief Description of Happy Slave

Happy Slave is about a tortured mind enslaved by sin. The slave is miserable in his condition, but in an attempt to mask his misery from himself and others, he makes an exaggerated, hyperbolic assertion of his own happiness.  


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